Sideline Construction - Sideline Constuction installed incorrect shingles, came to replace, only left tarp

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I found Sideline Construction's Tom Smith at a Rochester, NY home show, about 15 years ago. He had the lowest bid regarding re-roofing a low pitched roof over my bedroom wing. Other roofers stated that they would use roll roofing, but Tom insisted traditional shingles were OK and would look better. (It's so low pitched you can't see the roof unless from uphill or in a tree.)

Well, 2 years later, the roof was leaking into my son's room. The job was "guaranteed" and a crew was sent out to repair or replace the roof. HOWEVER, Tom must have tried to get his insurance company to cover the cost, and found out they would not because even on the original paper wrapping on the shingles, it specifies the lowest pitch that was safe to use them for, and mine was lower. SO he actually ordered his crew to leave after taking off half the shingles and covering it with an old tarp!

I didn't have the money to pay for this all over again, and though I took him to Small Claims Court, it took 2 tries to get any monetary reward. I fortunately qualified for a city grant to get another contractor to replace my roof, but not after a whole summer of running home from work whenever it rained to move the buckets around to catch the leaks.

Tom Smith & Sideline Construction are surprisingly still in business. AVOID!!!

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Tom Smith and Sideline Construction are scam artists.I contracted the to perform roof repairs and windows installed.

They performed half of the contracted work and were incredibly rude and nasty to me and my family.

The work they did perform was awful and they left an enormous mess on my property.Do yourself a favor and avoid working with them at all costs.


Joe, I have no idea how you found out any details of the situation after all this time, but it's not correct.The shingles used were not correct, the roof leaked after a couple of years.

Sideline/Tom Smith sent a crew to begin the tear-off so the roof could be replaced, under warranty. He then saw how badly the roof had deteriorated and told his crew to go home after simply putting an old tarp over the roof that was torn down to the wood in places.

I'm sure his insurer would not cover it because HE applied the wrong shingles for a low slope application.I had to take him to court twice to get any cash settlement.


this guy is my neibor. sideline stood by their work and the client.Margrieve refuse to pay the additional price for the flat roof apllication after being told. Then bragged he got one over on the customer.

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